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iQ Lacrosse has the ability to relate to any player, any age, at any skill level. My boys are far better players having trained with iQ Lacrosse. Hands down the best investment you can make in your player!


Working with Austin with my two middle school boys has been one of the best decisions that I've made. Austin has been working with my sons now for awhile and there has been significant improvement with both their footwork and stick skills. He understands working with kids and keeping them engaged with the drills that he has them do. 


Austin is excellent at keeping the drills moving and keeping them hydrated in a very hot and humid summer. Never once have my boys complained about working with him even when I know that they're hot and tired because along with making them better, he's making it FUN too. A couple of the worst things coaches can do is keep doing the same drill to the point where the kids check out mentally and over explain a drill. Austin does neither of these things. He is quick to explain a drill and have the boys perform it and it's great to see that he keeps the drills quick paced as well as a variety of drills to avoid complacency.


We are beyond thrilled that we are working with Austin and when I say we, I mean myself and my sons. They really enjoy working with Austin as there have been coaches or camps that they've attended where the coaching is less than stellar. I have watched first hand the coaching that they are receiving with Austin and I can say with 100% confidence that each and every session they are getting better and thoroughly enjoying it at the same time.


With 2 young kids it's hard to find a balance between concentrating on the fundamentals and having fun but Austin has been able to do just that. He runs them through drills, which has them repeatedly working on basics while also playing game, so that their focus is on having fun. I can't say enough great things about Austin and his coaching style. We are truly lucky to have found him!

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